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Amethyst Table Top

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Lavender Amethyst Slab – Mythological Stone for Modern Decor – Protective Stone with Healing Features | Natural Stone Slabs

Lavender Amethyst Slab Applications: Use the Lavender Amethyst for flooring or tiling and for the purpose of constructing sturdy counter tops. You can even use the natural stone for revamping your landscape. For grabbing more attention, back lit the slab
Lavender Amethyst Stone Metaphysics: natural crystal is renowned for therapeutic powers. It helps in keeping people calm and gives clarity. Effective against physical and mental conditions and helps balancing Chakra.
Care Tips: clean the slab daily using a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products for maintaining the natural luster.
Glossy texture, vibrantly hued - Lavender Amethyst - A natural rock that comes with healing powers that may prove beneficial for your physical and emotional self. A subtly decorated modern home or office would come to life with the presence of amethyst stone slab.
Lavender Amethyst is believed to stabilize the crown chakra and is beneficial in cognitive development and enhances a person’s intuitive skills. A talisman for art enthusiasts which helps in amplifying creativity & passion.
Bring your own Artist’s Stone, Composer’s Stone, Inventor’s Stone, and Poet’s or Painter’s Stone home and liven up your place with our specially curated tabletops, counter tops, and much more!
Lavender Amethyst Crystal Slab for Home Decor
Lavender Amethyst - The energy stone - can be an amazing addition to your landscape, becoming an ultimate decorative solution for your exteriors. Use the natural stone slab for flooring or for the purpose of tiling your restroom. You can even bring a vivid tinge to your minimally decorated living space by using the shiny stone as a decorative wall behind your entertainment unit or as a table top.

Lavender Amethyst Gemstone Metaphysical and Therapeutic Properties
Not only does this semi-precious stone accentuate the overall appeal of a modern decor but also cleanses the aura. The mystical crystal serves you with the remedial characteristics when it comes to physical as well as mental health - like, providing clarity and keeping you calm. Balancing the crown chakra, the presence of this healing stone is good for the nervous system, insomnia, and ceasing the occurrence of nightmares.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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