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Banded Agate Table Top

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Home Decor Semi Precious Stone Slab. Natural Stones with Healing Powers | Genuine Spiritual Stones, Buy Therapeutic Stone for Balancing Chakras

Banded Agate Slab Application: Banded agate is one of the most recommended semi-precious stones for landscaping and interior decoration. You can use natural stone slabs for flooring as tiles, counter tops, and for wall decoration. Banded agate is often used as wall art item. Naturally translucent stone looks magically beautiful with back lighting
Stone Metaphysical Traits: Historically famous for balancing chakras of the throat. Agates with bands are recommended for bringing clarity to the mind, helping you find answers to seemingly impossible questions. It also aids creativity.
Banded Agate Care Tips: Wipe the stone slab clean on a daily basis. Avoid using harsh chemicals on the surface to maintain the shine. Don't use abrasive cleaners. Gentle but regular wiping is recommended
The best way to beautify your home is to amalgamate grace with metaphysics. This can be achieved if you infuse the beauty and mystical characteristics of natural Agate in your home décor. Being a type of banded Chalcedony, this Sicilian stone features eye-like marks on the surface with fragile bands around it—this distinctive pattern is what separates banded agates from other types of agates. These bands come in all types of colors. Yes, there is no limitation to the type of colored banded agates. Colors can be sober or vibrant, depending upon how nature has given shape to the natural stone-forming process.

Slab of Agate with Bands & Home Decor
Banded agates can be used in many creative ways. People are known to use agate with bands for coffee table display pieces or huge installations that create a point of visual engagement in the living room. Apart from bestowing your home with tranquility, this natural stone slab accentuates the surroundings with its unique banding pattern. Every agate slab is most likely to have a truly unique band structure – you definitely cannot spot an exact match! You can use banded agate crystal slabs in TV shelves, modern wall units, counter tops of the kitchen, or cut agate slabs into big tiles and use them as accent pieces for the kitchen. Banded agate creates visual artistry when back lit – try this in your living room to make a serious style statement!

Banded Agate Slab’s Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Agate stones are renowned for their mystic healing properties and this particularly applies to banded agates that are globally famous for enhancing focus and refining cognition. The enigmatic stone also promotes practical thoughts that helps to overcome phases of the mind being plagued with vague, nonconstructive thinking. This banded stone is known for stabilizing the aura, particularly beneficial for those who need better problem-solving skills. The natural stone is recommended by energy healers and alternative medicine practitioners for the throat chakra.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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