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Black Agate Table Top

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Genuine Black Color Agate Slab – Natural Stone Slab for Backsplashes – Semi Precious Stone for Tabletops, Patios & Cladding | Indoor/Outdoor Décor Slabs

Black Agate Slab Applications: Black Agate, the earth chakra stone, has fine grainy texture and is famous for its sheen. It is a great option for kitchen countertops, backsplashes and is used as premium natural stone in luxurious spaces like hotel properties and banquet halls. Backlit black agate has emerged as a centerpiece in many living rooms.
Natural Stone Metaphysics: Historically renowned for metaphysical traits such as removing negative energies, particularly for cleansing Hara Line blockages. Black agate slab is a great way to incorporate energy healing and embellish the décor.
Stone Slab Care Instruction: This chakra stone requires little maintenance. Just ensure periodic wipe with moist cloth and keep away bleaching agents. Cleaning regularly helps to maintain the shine.

What if we told you that boring backsplashes and tabletops can be reinvented with an energy healing stone that looks as grand as any other natural stone out there? Black Agate is one such proposition – the spiritual connector stone is recommended for its ability to balance earth chakra. Black agate is counted among the most eagerly sought agate options. Popular for its ability to present a luxury gemstone-like stone surface without costing big, this dark slab has many takers, from interior decorators renovating commercial properties to DIY homemakers.

Black Agate & Home Decor
Using agate stone slabs at home can jazz up the living space. Agate stone slabs are perfect materials for bathroom vanity setups, backsplashes, countertops and bar tops. Black agate has appreciable resistance to weathering and wear & tear. Unique patterns and hues in this healing stone changes with every slab—there are no two exact copies. Count on your agate slab being truly unique. The energy flow stone features a blend of golden and copper bands. The clustered, oval pattern adds to elegance. Found deep within the crust of the earth, the semi-precious stone wears a slick, natural sheen. Black agate tabletops are sometimes called gemstone surfaces and are used in outdoor and indoor décor. Try backlighting this naturally translucent stone – the visuals are unlike anything you have seen so far!

Black Agate Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Like other types of agates, black agate has some unique healing properties. For starters, it promotes energy transference and overall conscience levels. Black agate stone is also helpful in alleviating symptoms of emotional pain that often takes a more physical, hard to explain form like undiagnosed lower backache, cramped shoulders, or joint & mobility issues. Black colored agate is more close to Root Chakra and is associated with courage and prosperity.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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