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Blue Agate Table Top

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Blue Agate Slab Application: Blue Agate can be used for flooring and as a kitchen countertop or tabletop. It is often mixed with other, sober colored natural stones to accent the pave ways, staircase, pathways, lobbies. Backlit blue agate slabs are finding increasing presence in bigger, commercial wall art applications
Stone Metaphysics: It is famous for healing properties like maintaining composure. Smaller pieces of agate are often worn as chakra stones for emotional well-being. Blue agate is closer to visionary and psychic properties
Care Instructions: Wipe the surface after every use. Blue Agate might have a strikingly brilliant luster. Using abrasive cleaning products can destroy this
Using healing stones as a décor element is the preferred way to design a contemporary workplace or home. Blue agate slab features a vivid shade that comes with comprehensive dyeing processes. Agate stones have been used for balancing energy flows and psychic healing since ages. However, every agate stone has a slightly different aura. Blue agates are held closer to balancing the throat chakra. Irrespective of the hue or intensity of blue, genuine agate slabs have such chakra balancing properties.

Blue Agate Slab & Home Decor
Agate healing stones in the surroundings invigorate the mood and accentuate décor. Agates have an inherent crystalline structure, empowered with bands that make each stone slab unique. You can play around with blue agates in your home because of their unique relationship with light. When used as a big, wall panel installation, combined with LED lighting or back-lit dimly, blue agates look gorgeous. When used in countertops, they work like accent pieces. Even with the smallest amount of natural light, some blue agate slabs can light up the entire room. As a flooring option, blue agate slabs are used in a smaller, compact form, beautifully contrasted with other concrete or stone options. Blue agates are also the more reasonably priced option among semi-precious flooring stone options. Try these natural stone slabs for their exquisite color and chakra-unblocking properties. Try LED backlighting the naturally translucent blue agate slab – perhaps the easiest way to style-up a living room!

Blue Agate Rock Metaphysical & Healing Properties
From spreading positive vibes to infusing self-confidence and catalyzing creativity in artists, the healing and overall wellness of agates are many! Agates are often recommended as a part of your working or living environment to stimulate an analytical mind and help you overcome emotional distress. This natural stone belongs to the Quartz group and features fragile bands and sometimes comes with an eye mark. The therapeutic stone can contribute to unblocking communication hurdles and cleansing the mind of pessimism. Agates in blue, naturally or artificially colored, shades are among one of the most widely documented semi-precious rocks, used historically for creating harmony in the surroundings.

Renovate your home or office with blue agate slab. Natural stone with a shiny surface comes with mystic healing properties. Genuine agate natural slab.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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