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Dark Smoky Quartz Table Top

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Smoky Quartz Slabs - Radiant Stone for Living Space Décor – Feng Shui Stone with Mystical Properties | Healing Chakra Stone

Smoky quartz applications: Make use of this semiprecious stone slab for the purpose of flooring, wall paneling and backsplashes. The slab can be a part of living space or can be used for adorning tabletops and countertops. Looks luminescent. Can be used as hearth slabs
Smoky quartz gemstone metaphysics: believed to eliminate negative energy and rejuvenate the surroundings. Also, known to ward off bad luck from life, bringing peace and calm into relationships
Smoky quartz care instructions: the décor slab is supposed to be wiped clean regularly. Use a soft and damp cloth and do not use abrasive chemicals that degrade the natural shine

The national gem of Scotland, smoky quartz was mined by the Celts, who started colonizing the islands of Britain around 300 BC. There are two versions of smoky quartz, light and dark. The stones were used as a prominent adornment for jewelry, kilt pins and as power stones on the handles of weaponry, especially on the Scottish dagger knife. In 1837, the stone was named ‘smoky quartz’ as its color had been likened to smoke.

Smoky Quartz for Home Decor
Found in many locations across the world, smoky quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral in smoky gray hue. The color depends on the impurities present in the stone, such as aluminum. Another reason for the color is the natural irradiation of the stone. The semi-precious gemstone slab looks resplendent on countertops and tabletops. The natural stone slab can also be used for wall paneling and backsplashes.

Smoky Quartz Mystical and Healing Properties
As a mystical stone, smoky quartz can be placed in the work environment or home to filter out unspoken resentments, bad remarks, and depressing mood, which can drain a person’s enthusiasm and strength. The stone slab can be used to shield against gossip or hostility at the workplace. In Feng-Shui, a dark smoky quartz is said to create a calm area in the workplace. As a powerful healing stone, smoky quartz makes use of various shades of black to deepen our relationship with the natural, physical world. The stone slab is said to bring strength and power, relieving fears pertaining to the physical existence on earth. Dark smoky quartz offers a refuge from the jinxes of enemies. Smoky quartz helps you stay connected to the ground. The smoky grey color influences home and nature, thereby helping you attain composure and reconnect to the natural world. A grounding stone, smoky quartz promotes stability and security.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Quartz Stone

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