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Labradorite Table Top

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Labradorite Slabs – Modern Decor Mystical Stone. Healing Crystal with Healing Properties | Natural Stone Slabs

Labradorite Slab Application: Though labradorite was a popular gemstone in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, nowadays the natural stone slab is finding much use in flooring and tiling (interior decor). Construct counter tops, tabletops, wash basins using Labradorite stone. The crystal slab creates a wonderful décor element in your living room.
Labradorite Stone Metaphysics: Blue crystal balances throat chakra that energizes and helps to harmonize other chakras. Protects against negative auras and eliminates lethargy. Functions as a barrier filter and brings more focus
Care Tips: Wipe the natural stone slab clean on a regular basis with damp cloth. Use of abrasive cleaning products may damage the natural shine of the slab
Being a member of the Feldspar family, Labradorite is well known for its remarkable play of color, sometimes hyped as ‘labradorescence’. The stone slab usually comes in a variety of hues, from dark gray and gray-green to grayish white and black. As the stone is composed in aggregate layers, this causes the light to refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue color. Discovered in Labrador, it was the Moravian missionaries who gave this stone its existing name. Labradorite natural stone is considered a magical crystal by many alternative medicine healers. It can bring inner strengths to surface, helping people progress in their personal and professional lives. Stimulating your intuitive skills, this natural stone slab is easy to use in traditional and modern decors. It can be a great addition for someone who is struggling with inner conflict and believes in the healing capabilities of genuine chakra stones.

Labradorite Stone Slab for Home Decor
The vibrant energy stone can be used for the purpose of flooring, tiling or can be used while creating counter tops or tabletops. You can also use the crystal slab for accentuating your landscape or as a part of the decorative wall behind your entertainment unit. Surrounding yourself with this mythical crystal at home or office space would help to cleanse the aura and would add a tinge of radiance in the modern setting. You can use the blue stone for its calming blue color, often used as an accent stone in kitchens, living rooms and office cabins. Optimum thickness and size of the decor slab makes them highly resistant to chemicals, mechanical stress, scratches, bending and deep abrasions.

Labradorite Crystal Slab Metaphysical & Therapeutic Properties
The mythical stone is believed to lessen negative traits in a personality. The blue shell also supports physical health. Used as big installations or in the form of smaller crystals, Labradorite can help those dealing with respiratory or digestive issues. Apart from revamping the modern setting, the natural stone helps balance the throat chakra. The healing stone boosts communication and enhances imaginative capabilities. The protective stone guards your aura against pessimistic influences too.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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