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Malachite Table Top

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Malachite Slabs – Therapeutic Stone with Supernatural Properties | Precious Stone Slab for Home or Office Decor | Natural Stone Slab

Malachite Slab Applications: Malachite crystal has a rich green color, and has garnered much importance as a jewel. The opaqueness of the malachite stone slab mesmerizes the onlookers, giving out spiritually inviting vibes. Give a life to your exterior decor by using this natural slab for landscaping
Malachite Stone Metaphysics: The malachite semi-precious stone personifies and represents the elegance of trees, roots, flowers and plants. As a stone of transformation, the malachite stone slab assists a person in changing situations. The stone heals at both emotional and physical levels, stimulating life force via body and aura.
Care Tips: wipe the stone slab clean using soft, damp cloth. Harmful cleaning products should not be used, as they can erode the natural shine

Originating from the Greek word malakee or malache, referring to the Mallow leaves, the malachite crystal was a popular choice among Greeks and Romans. During the ancient Roman and Greek times, this green stone was extensively used in jewelry and the powdered form functioned as an eye shadow. The energy stone has also been historically renowned for acting as a shield against the “Evil Eye”. This protective stone slab absorbs all the negative energies from the surroundings and our bodies, spreading unflinchingly buoyant vibes all around.

Malachite Stone Slab for Home Decor
You can introduce this semi-precious stone slab to your home in several ways. You can employ the natural slab while revamping your floors or for tiling. For bringing a lively touch to your exterior decor, you can even use the precious gemstone as a part of your landscape. The crystal slab can be efficiently used for constructing sturdy and vivid counter tops or tabletops.

Malachite Rock Metaphysical and Healing Properties
Functioning as a protection stone, the presence of malachite can provide you with a guard against the “Evil Eye”. The green crystal contains pure energies and helps to balance heart chakra, controlling our connection with the external world. Stabilizing the mind, the powerful rock bestows you with an enormous amount of emotional strength. This natural crystal proves to be helpful in making you realize your own feelings and needs.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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