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Mix Agate Table Top

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Mixed Agate Slab – Natural Stone Slab for Interior & Exterior Home Decor – Genuine Charka Rock | Healing Stones with Credible Feng-Sui Benefits
Mixed Agate Slab Applications: Mixed Agate is among the most preferred gemstone surface stones for flooring or tiling. Natural stone slab often used for durable counter tops and elegant tabletops. Perfect living room stone with its rich range of banding patterns and different hues. Naturally lustrous stone creates visual brilliance when back-lit.
Natural Stone Metaphysics: Agate stones are largely associated with strengthening positivism in your living environment. It helps people embrace practical thinking and focus better, highly recommended as a chakra stone that can be easily incorporated in your living room or the patio.
Home Decor Slab Care Tips: Regular cleaning is recommended, especially counter tops after each use. Don't use abrasive cleaning products as they tend to tarnish the glossy finish
One of the best ways to revitalize your home or office space is using natural cleansing stones that are often recommended as a part of holistic spiritual healing. Multicolored agate slabs are one such option. Available in exotic color combinations, these semi-precious stones deliver the premiums associated with much higher priced natural stone surfaces along with doubling-up as chakra stones that have a therapeutic effect. This natural rock is renowned for its soothing properties, renowned for raising consciousness levels. It encourages the power to contemplate and pursue spiritual growth. Mixed Agate might seem unique when compared with other types of agate slabs because it has the most vibrant color patterns and intense banding – the banding density being a defining feature of all agates.

Mixed Agate Slab & Home Decor
The presence of a healing crystal can calm the mind and boost healing at the physical and emotional level. Multi-colored Agate slabs provide an easy way to revamp your home with surfaces that are as useful as they are in terms of being a chakra stone. You can use such semi-precious stones for flooring or for creating a massive wall art installation. Many people recommend mixed agate as Feng-Sui stone, where it can be applied as a lustrous, designer tabletop surface. To create a captivating decor, try LED back lighting with this translucent stone!

Mixed Agate Stone Metaphysical & Healing Properties
You might want to know that in the genre of healing stones placed directly on heart chakra, agate is often recommended for healing emotional diseases, a therapy stone that promotes better circulation, boosting overall health and wellness. The Sicilian stone is renowned for its energy-balancing capabilities, harmonizing yin and yang. This precious stone purifies the aura by invigorating positive. Working as an energy crystal, agate surfaces promote stability in the body, mind, and soul. These stone slabs might contribute towards detoxification, fertility and the ability to treat indigestion.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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