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Mookite Table Top

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Mookaite Slab – Healing Stone for Modern Decor – Mythological Stone with Healing Features

Applications of Mookaite Slab: Mookaite - semi-precious stone is a combination of vibrant colors. The slices of red and yellow color blend together to form this spunky stone and it is used to create furniture pieces, countertops, tabletops, interior or exterior flooring, and wall cladding.
Mookaite Stone Metaphysics: Mookaite is an overall energizer that heals and cleanses the root chakra. It is believed to create an aura of empowerment to assist you in taking charge of your life.
Care Tips: should be cleaned on a regular basis with soft and damp cloth. Abrasive cleaning products are strictly prohibited, they may harm the vibrant texture

Infusing the vibrancy of Mookaite in a subtle environment heightens your decor in a unique manner. Popularly known as the Healing Stone, Mookaite empowers the soul and helps you take charge of your life decisions. The mythical stone has been valued as the spirit healer and a stimulation of hope. During medieval times, Mookaite set in gold was the royal's favorite gift to receive. The Mookaite stone is the favorite stone to include in healing layouts because it provides a grounding complement to other stones.
The tabletops, counter tops, flooring, and everything else fashioned by this stone are vibrant and are believed to create an aura of empowerment in your home!
Mookaite for Home Decor
The healing stone enhances the vibrant quotient in a contemporary space, whether home or office. The vibrant red and yellow fusion rock can be employed for decorative purposes in various ways. You can use the stone for flooring, for creating vibrant counter tops or tabletops, or as tiles in your restroom. Mookaite can make a brilliant decorative wall at your living space, behind the entertainment unit. You can also use the grounding stone for the landscaping around your home or commercial space.

Mookaite Metaphysical and Therapeutic Properties
Apart from increasing the decorative quality of your home, the healing rock also helps in cleansing and creating an aura of empowerment. The Mookaite gemstone is renowned for healing at both physical and spiritual levels - boosting the immune system as well as assisting in choosing the right direction. Mookaite is an overall energizer that heals and cleanses the root chakra.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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