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Red Tiger Eye Table Top

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Red Tiger Eye Slab - Radiant Stone for Home and Office Decor – Feng Sui Stone with Therapeutic Powers | Healing Chakra Stone
Tiger Eye Stone Applications: Make use of the semi-precious stone slab for flooring. Red Tiger Eye Slab can be a part of living space or can be used for creating colorful tabletops and counter tops
Red Tiger Eye Gemstone Metaphysics: believed to eliminate lethargy and rejuvenate the environment. Renowned for enhancing life force energy and helps attract earth energy towards body and chakra mechanism
Tiger Eye Care Instructions: the patio/counter top stone slab is supposed to be wiped clean daily. Use a soft and damp cloth for cleaning and avoid using abrasive chemicals that degrade the natural shine
The Tiger’s Eye stone belongs to Chalcedony Quartz and comes in a chatoyant form. Featuring a smooth shine, the semi-precious stone has chatoyant layers on the surface. The powerful rock is historically renowned for uniting the energies of earth and sun, giving rise to a vibration aura. The protective stone helps in stabilizing the lower chakras and functions as a talisman before negative energies. Red tiger eye is known for overcoming fatigue in the atmosphere and converts it into an optimistic vibe. The mystical powers of this stone have been believed upon since the ancient times when Egyptians used the precious stone as a divine source of power. Presence of this healing stone in your home or office space would enliven the air, promoting positive energies.
Tiger Eye Slab & Home Decor
Bringing home the healing benefits and emphasizing the decor, this natural stone slab serves in many ways when it is about decorating a modern home. You can use the semi-precious slab for adding a vibrant touch to your flooring or you can use the red layered rock for constructing a beautiful staircase. No one wants the living space to have a dull and lethargic vibe and to eliminate that you can always add the effervescence of natural tiger eye stone. As a decorative slab wall behind your entertainment unit, this precious rock would not only beautify your living space comprehensively but would also drive away the persistent bad vibes. The quartz slabs in living spaces look elegant when back lit.

Red Tiger Eye Rock Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Since times immemorial, tiger eye crystals have been an illustrious talisman that bestows exceptional observational skills. Combining the spiritual energies with the physical ones, the presence of this mysterious stone promotes balance and mindfulness. The supernatural stone also aids in maintaining stability between yin and yang. Red tiger eye crystal is also renowned for eradicating lethargy, giving rise to a refreshing and buoyant air. Simplifying the process of decision-making, the Feng-Shui stone would work wonders when added to an office space.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Agate Stone

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