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White Quartz Terrazzo Table Top

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White Quartz Applications: One of the most preferred gemstone surface stone for tiling and flooring, natural white quartz impresses as a durable and aesthetic stone slab option. From elegant tabletops to semi-precious countertops, this stone is found in luxurious living rooms and hotel lobbies, its visual brilliance maximized when back-lit
Natural Stone Metaphysics: Like many types of Agates, White Quartz has protective properties. From dispelling irrational fears to helping people overcome bad dreams, white quartz has been historically recorded usage for bringing in more positivity in living spaces. As bigger slabs or as smaller accent pieces, whiter quartz are used to focus better
Home Décor Slab Care: surface stains can be easily removed with gentle cleaning. Don't use harsh scrubs. Abrasive scouring pads can dullen the naturally lustrous surface. Slabs are installed with resins and highly acidic cleaning products can weaken bonds combining adhesives and quartz

Revitalize your home or office space with quartz slabs - recommended as a part of holistic spiritual living. White quartz slabs can be durable additions in your home. Quartz slab countertops and backsplashes are often found in kitchens. Quartz slabs contain genuine quartz blended with pigments and polyester resins. These slabs are excellent contenders for bathroom countertops. White quartz slabs have impressive resistance against staining and also happen to be among the few natural stones used as grounding stones and spiritual stones.

White Quartz Slab and Home Decor
Semi-precious stone slabs work as flooring materials on staircases and on paving. As a Feng Shi stone, quartz slabs can be cemented on tabletops and countertops to form a gleaming, designer surface. The presence of this natural stone slab surface should work towards calming your mind and provide healing at emotional and physical level—this combined with the serene white hues create the most relaxing décor. Backlit white quartz wall installations, and backsplashes, are often used in luxurious home décor accents, also used for fireplace mantles.

White Quartz Metaphysical and Healing Properties
White quartz slabs have substantial metaphysical properties. As a chakra stone, white quartz is associated with the crown chakra. White quartz stone is available in two variants—one is closer to being opaque and the other is more translucent. Clear white quartz has masculine and protective energy, while the opaque option is closely related to feminine and receptive energies. Crystal experts often opine that white quartz is good for healing medical conditions that don't have a definite diagnosis. As a stimulator of crown chakra, white quartz helps in enhancing clarity of mind and concentration. White quartz is also known as a healer of disorders related to pineal and pituitary glands.

Materials: White Quartz,Gemstone

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