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Wild Agate Table Top

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Wild Agate Slab – Natural Stone for Modern Homes & Offices – Semi Precious Stone for Flooring | Interior/Exterior Decor Gemstone Surfaces

Wild Agate Slab Application: Wild Agate can be used as a captivating backdrop for wall units. This natural stone provides luxurious finish to your floors and can be employed as a gemstone kitchen counter top too. Back lit agate stones look beautiful because of their natural translucence.
Stone Metaphysical Traits: Wild agate helps in balancing body, mind, and soul along with cleansing the aura - helping you create resistance against the influx of negativity. Healing stone is widely used in residential or commercial places owing to established Feng-Sui properties.
Natural Slab Care Tip: Natural stone needs to be wiped daily. Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning. The shiny surface stays intact with regular cleaning. Avoid cleansers with extreme pH levels or abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface
If a home with interiors set in accordance to Feng-Sui is your preference, you are the right place!
These wild agate slabs come with impressive ability to attract positive vibes. They are recommended in the genre of healing crystals and stones for homes and offices. Working mystically but effectively, these gemstone surfaces are known to aid in eliminating negativity, helping you establish a healthier and optimistic environment at home or the workplace.

Wild Agate Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Wild Agate is suitable for all types of indoor applications, often referred to as a stabilizing stone. Agate is largely considered a stone of luck and wisdom. Its presence is known to help create balance between natural energies. The name ‘wild agate’ comes from the extreme banding pattern that creates highly unusual, striking forms and shapes with multiple hues of a color. Spiritual healing powers of wild agate are known to help stimulate and stabilize the mind. This Feng-Sui stone can be used as a soothing addition to your living room.

Wild Agate Slab in a Modern Decor Layout
The semi-precious stone slab can be employed for various purposes. This type of agate is useful as a standard counter top choice and as an accent stone too. Whether at a residential or a commercial space, infusing vibrant wild agate accentuates the decor. Agate concrete can be used for adding some color and luster to the floors. Warm and protective in nature, agate is known to boost perception, analytical abilities and concentration. Bring Wild Agate Slabs in your home with the assurance that this is one of the oldest stones recorded in history for bringing a variety of benefits to your living space, from longevity and harmony to wealth and abundance. Try combining wall decor agate slabs with warm back-lighting – the result will overwhelm you with its visual brilliance!

Materials: Semi Precious Stone,Quartz Stone

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